About MEOS 2021

Explore new technologies, business opportunities and partnerships at the MEOS exhibition

The Exhibition

Explore new technologies, business opportunities and partnerships at the MEOS 2021 exhibition, via a 12,000 sqm showcase featuring specialised businesses and some of the oil and gas industry’s largest corporations.

The MEOS exhibition serves all areas of the oil & gas industry. Over the last 40+ years it has established a solid reputation as a high quality event with a unique calibre of attendees.

Attended by every oil producing state in the region, the exhibition attracts specialised businesses and some of the oil & gas industry’s largest corporations.

MEOS is also privileged to receive full support from GCC national oil companies including ADNOC, Tatweer Petroleum, KPC, PDO and Saudi Aramco, who take showcase stands at the exhibition, implement major visitor delegations and play an active role on the conference organising committee.

The Conference

Discover the future of oil & gas at the MEOS 2021 conference, with unique insights on the region’s mega projects, new technologies, case studies and topical discussions led by international industry leaders.

Organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the parallel conference is the most respected of its kind in the region. High quality technical presentations focused on Middle East issues ensure that the quality of delegates is exceptional.

The conference typically features over 300 papers, a series of panel sessions led by presidents, CEOs and chairmen of key players, and a high ranking collection of keynote speakers.

The SPE has unrivalled experience in organising petroleum conferences around the world and currently serves more than 164,000 members in 143 countries worldwide.

MEOS 2021 conference will take place under the theme: Shaping the Future of Energy in a Dynamic World.

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