Sponsorship Opportunities

Be a Sponsor at MEOS 2021

Benefit by supporting a leading trade event with a track record of over 40 years in attracting a high quality professional audience.

Drive your business

Sponsorship will reinforce your company message, raise brand awareness, drive visitor traffic and help your business stand out from the crowd. Sponsorship opportunities are organised in 7 categories listed below that allows you to easily focus on the initiatives with which your company wishes to be associated.

Conference Opening Ceremony Dinner
US$ 85,000
Sponsored by Saudi Aramco

• Reserved table at the dinner for up to 10 guests
• Onsite signage highlighting your brand at the dinner
• Co-branded dinner invitations (your logo combined with the logos for the show and the sponsor of the dinner activities)

Opening Ceremony Dinner Entertainment
US$ 75,000

• Reserved table at the dinner for up to 10 guests
• Onsite signage highlighting your brand at the dinner
• Co-branded dinner invitations (your logo combined with the logos for the show and the sponsor of the dinner)

Conference and Exhibition Registration
US$ 40,000 (Exclusive)

With registration for the conference and exhibition opening months in advance on the event website, this opportunity places you front and centre of your target audience.
• Your logo on the MEOS registration website
• Company name and logo included in the confirmation email
• Prominent signage on registration counters at Bahrain Exhibition Centre
• Co-branding with show logos on delegate, exhibitor and visitor name badges

Delegate Bags and Promotional Items
US$ 125,000 – sole sponsorship, or US$ 62,500 – combined sponsorship
Sponsored by Saudi Aramco

Every conference delegate will receive a branded bag upon registering, containing all vital conference information. This bag is designed to be used during the full three days of the conference, and long after the event has concluded.
• Your company branding on the front of the bag
• One promotional item (per sponsor where combined) within the bag

US$ 50,000

Every conference delegate, exhibitor and visitor must wear their name badge, so this is an opportunity to showcase your brand around the necks of every attendee across the three days.
• Co-branded with your logo and the show logos

Poster Sessions
US$ 33,000 (Exclusive)

As part of the Conference Programme, daily poster presentations will take place on the exhibition floor during coffee breaks.
• Your company logo will be printed on panels within the poster session area

Industry Keynote Session
US$ 15,000 (Exclusive)

This special morning conference session will feature a high profile speaker and includes a buffet breakfast for all registered delegates.
• Your logo on signage within the Keynote Session area and within the Conference Programme

Conference Programme and Exhibition Catalogue
US$ 45,000 (Exclusive) – Reserved

This official comprehensive guide contains the conference schedule, session overview and other essential information including detailed exhibitor listings, and is given to all delegates and visitors during MEOS 2021.
• Your company logo on the front cover
• Full page advert within the Conference Programme and Exhibition Catalogue

Digital Conference Proceedings
US$ 10,000 per sponsor (Limited to 4 sponsors)

The full text for each paper presented at the conference is published and hosted online. All delegates will receive a voucher card with instructions for access.
• Your logo on the Conference Proceedings site
• Your logo on the printed voucher card

Executive and Technical Committee Awards
US$ 40,000 (Exclusive)

MEOS would not be possible without the help of a dedicated executive and technical programme committee volunteer group, who provide expertise and assistance throughout. In recognition of their efforts, these volunteers will be presented with awards of appreciation.
• Each award will be co-branded with your company logo and the show logos

Mobile App
US$ 40,000 (Exclusive)
Sponsored by Saudi Aramco

The MEOS 2021 mobile app is an interactive tool designed to help attendees plan and maximise their visit. Users can review conference sessions and add them to a personal schedule, locate exhibitors on the interactive floor map, stay in the know with show alerts, connect with fellow attendees and much more. This sponsorship offers you direct access to your target audience before, during and after the event.
• Your logo on the main splash screen
• Banner advertising in-app
• Recognition on all signage advertising Mobile App availability to visitors onsite

US $25,000 (Exclusive)
Sponsored by Saudi Aramco

Keep visitors connected by sponsoring the WiFi connection throughout the event, maximising your brand awareness and visibility onsite.
• Your logo on the WiFi login portal
• Hyperlink to a URL of your choice on the WiFi homescreen
• Customised WiFi network password of your choice
• Recognition on all signage advertising WiFi availability to visitors onsite

AudioVisual Equipment and Services
US$ 20,000 (Exclusive)

Cutting-edge presentations require projection or display technology and services. Be part of the action by sponsoring all related audiovisual equipment and services across the show.
• Recognition on holding slides in each conference session hall
• Your branding on audiovisual booths throughout the event

Phone Charging Lockers
US$ 25,000 (Exclusive)

There’s no good time to run out of battery on your cell phone, and especially during a networking event! Keep attendees charged up by sponsoring secure charging lockers throughout the exhibition floor.
• Recognition on holding slides in each conference session hall
• Your branding on charging lockers throughout the exhibition floor

Live Labs
US$ 20,000 (Exclusive)

The Live Labs speaker series is a brand new speaker platform on the MEOS 2021 exhibition floor, featuring motivating and inspiring success stories with a personal touch on topics such as Digitalisation, Cloud-based Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing etc. With six Live Labs per day (a total of 18 speakers throughout the show), this is the perfect opportunity to align your brand with the latest thought leadership.
• Opportunity to nominate one speaker from your company to present to attendees
• Your logo on signage within the Live Labs theatre
• Recognition across the event website and social media
• Dedicated Live Labs email campaign

Genius Talks
US$ 30,000 (Exclusive)

New to the MEOS exhibition floor for 2021, Genius Talks is a dedicated platform for experts to conduct a verbal discussion on any exciting company developments and product innovations. Each time slot is around 30 minutes, and will take place during the coffee breaks each day.
• Opportunity to nominate one speaker from your company to present to attendees
• Your logo on signage within the Genius Talks designated meeting area
• Recognition on the event website and social media
• Dedicated Genius Talks email campaign

Start Up Village
US$ 25,000 (Exclusive)

MEOS looks to the future for new ideas and new ways of working smarter, faster and more efficiently. Showcasing brand new businesses whose products and services have the power to transform the oil and gas industry across areas including Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, VR and AR Applications, sponsorship of the Start Up Village aligns your brand with industry innovation.
• Your logo on signage within the Start Up Village
• Recognition across the event website and social media
• Dedicated Start Up Village email campaign

Daily Delegate Lunches
US$ 52,500 per day (one sponsor per day) – 16 March Reserved

Complimentary lunches for delegates are offered each day in a special area of the exhibition centre.
• Your logo will be printed on signage within the designated area
• Your logo on printed invitations which are distributed to all delegates

Coffee Lounge
US$ 40,000 (Exclusive)

Complimentary tea and coffee will be served to delegates and exhibitors throughout MEOS 2021.
• Your logo will be printed on a banner suspended above the coffee lounge and on wall panels surrounding the area

Reconnect Lounge
US$ 20,000 (Exclusive)

The Reconnect Lounge is a place to take time out from the show and meet with friends old and new in comfortable surroundings, enjoying complimentary hospitality.
• Your logo will be printed on signage within the Reconnect Lounge area

Conference Prize Draw and Closing Ceremony
US$ 65,000

A Closing Ceremony and Prize Draw for delegates will be held on the last day of MEOS 2021.
• Your logo branded on prizes for the draw

Friends of MEOS – General Support
From US$ 10,000
Sponsored by ARO Drilling and Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office

Become a Friend of the MEOS family and showcase your brand before and during the event.

Hall Directions
US$ 20,000 (Exclusive)

Temporary directional signage will be set up in the MEOS 2021 exhibition halls to guide attendees. Your company logo will be printed on all temporary directional signs inside the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Carpet Tiles
US$ 15,000 per advertiser (Limited to 2 advertisers)

Lead visitors to your stand with unique carpet tiles that showcase your brand’s logo.
• 4 branded carpet tiles
• Size 1m x 1m
• High visibility within your hall

Hanging Banners
US$ 10,000 per advertiser

A high visibility opportunity for three advertisers to take space – where are these going to go? This advertising opportunity offers 3 banners suspended in key locations throughout the exhibition. Sponsor to supply artwork. Contact us for sizes and locations.

Don’t see what you want?

In addition to the main options which are listed below we are always happy to discuss new combinations to meet your specific needs. Contact your nearest representative office for further information, or to enquire about any of these opportunities.

The Recognition

In addition to the recognition listed with the individual items below, as a sponsor your company will receive:

  • Your logo on the sponsorship page of the preliminary and final conference programme if received before print deadline
  • Your logo on the MEOS 2021 website and app
  • Your logo on sponsorship recognition banners, signage and posters at the event